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Academic Showcase

My education is one of my top priorities. Check out some of the writing assignments and labs I spent the most time on!

NETW 460-40

Bash Scripting

This script was created for a Linux Shell Scripting class. A functionally modular script designed to interface with a text file as a data store in which it can add, remove, or lookup entries while also catching duplicate entries.

Bash Scripting

Daniel Bryan

CMIT 280-45

Secure Business Policies

For this assignment I was tasked with writing up a memo to the management of a business of which I am familiar. This memo was to address the security of the business policies in place and suggest more secure practices.


Secure Business Policies

Daniel Bryan

CFDI 360-45

Examination of Digital Evidence

Given a raw forensic image of a flash drive found at the scene of a murder, this assignment tasked a complete investigation of the evidence and write-up the findings.

Forensics Fingerprint

Examining Raw Digital Evidence

Daniel Bryan

NETW 360-45

Testing Alternative Distros

In this assignment I was tasked with testing alternative Linux distros of which I was not familiar. I had some previous knowledge of Black Arch Linux and Tails, but  I had not yet used the distros myself, so this became my introduction.

Exploring Other Distros

Daniel Bryan

NETW 260-40

Linux Security Best Practices

This paper was one of the final assignments to complete before finishing my Linux Administration I class. It covers the overall best practices when it comes to setting up and operating a Linux server.

Best Security Measures

Daniel Bryan

NETW 250-40

Dismantling a Windows Server

I chose to promote this assignment not specifically because it displays any special skill, but it displays is a somewhat “reverse” form the knowledge I gained of Windows 2012 R2 in this class. This was our final assignment, and we were tasked with properly dismantling our entire setup for the entire class. So through this assignment, everything that was specifically removed can therefore be assumed to have been added from another previous assignment.

Tear It All Down

Daniel Bryan

CMIT 140-45A

Understanding Virtualization

For this assignment we were tasked with proving that we understand virtualization and that we are competent enough to install an OS and use the environment. For this assignment I set up a complete penetration testing lab using GNS3 and installed multiple servers and endpoints. This lab was not used for penetration testing in the assignment as this was far outside it’s scope.

Pentesting Lab

Daniel Bryan

Comp Sci

Caesar Cipher Password Saver

For this assignment we were given an partially structured program that we were instructed to add several features to including adding saved passwords, decrypting, and encrypting them using the Caesar cipher.

Password Saver

Daniel Bryan

NETW 250-40

DFS Replication and Powershell 101

This was an assignment that gave me the warm and fuzzies inside. I went above-and-beyond to figure out my own way around a known Windows issue by writing a Powershell script (which had nothing to do with the assignment, and which I knew nothing about).

To this assignment my professor replied, “I was quite impressed with your work[. . .] You are the first person EVER to work through [this issue], let alone try for the extra credit.”

DFS and File Replication

Daniel Bryan