Climb That Damn Mountain.

What’s your mountain? Security is a rigorously academic field, and by its very nature, that will never change. I set out on this journey to become a cyber expert and secure our data for the betterment of all in our increasingly online world. I have my plan, my goals, and I’m sticking to it.

“I was quite impressed with your work [on this assignment]. You are the first person EVER to work through [this issue], let alone try for the extra credit.”


Prof. Brown, Champlain College

Career Path

Getting in on the ground level

  • General IT and networking
  • Analysis and troubleshooting



IT job by Fall 2018
CompTIA Network+

Everyone has to get started somewhere. Starting with a job maintaining and troubleshooting networks is optimal for my career path.

In the end, a solid understanding of networking concepts could slingshot through the rest of my career. 



  • Nailed a great IT job as a Jr. Systems Administrator
  • Accomplished CompTIA Network+
  • Accomplished CompTIA Security+


Couldn’t have asked for better.

Within 2 days after passing Net+ in September of 2018 I snagged the best starting IT job I could have asked for as a Junior Systems Administrator.

The scope of this job exposes me to a broad variety of enterprise technologies and the flexibility to learn and experiment with what interests me.

About a month after planting my feet firmly on my career path, I set my eyes on Security+ and passed it within a week.

Now, within 6 months of starting this job, I find myself promoted to Systems Administrator and I have my sights set on the security industry.

Here I stand today (April 2019):

  • On track to complete B.S. in Cybersecurity at the end of the year
  • Working to complete Pentest+ certification


Next Steps

“It’s time to wake up and smell the Mutating Hash! Signature Based Malware Detection is Dead”
―  James Scott, Senior Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology 


Security and The Cyber Landscape


Working in the security industry is the next step. This could be a very wide category of qualifying positions– antivirus companies, threat intelligence, penetration testing, etc.


This is a highly strategic move toward my ultimate goal. There is some flexibility however, as working in any offensive security capacity is highly valuable. Many of these skills can not only be practiced at home but also freelanced professionally.



  • Security+ (Done)
  • Pentest+
  • CEH
  • SSCP



  • Master’s degree in [cyber security or computer science]
  • Ph.D. in applicable field, TBD
  • Mastery of applicable languages (Chinese and/or Russian)
  • Advanced knowledge of malware authoring

Cyber Warfare

Career Goal


My ultimate goal is to work as a cyber warrior, tracking and eliminating threats on the  cyber landscape.

Shrouded in mystery and dawned with secrecy — this is where I want to work. Cyber is the new field of battle, and it can cause more damage than most people can imagine while going completely unseen to the general public.

You may have gleaned by now that I simply don’t do half-ass. I aim to be a master of the cyber realm — this is my  mountain.





Cyber threats are rising steadily, and it’s important to have driven individuals on the front lines, now more than ever.