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Daniel Bryan Security

Reducing Your Personal Attack Surface

Reducing Your Personal Attack Surface If the recent Marriott hack isn’t example enough, our personal data is in danger every day. Every year it becomes more and more necessary to guard our personal data ever closer. What’s more, our society today is become more desensitized to the casual sharing of close personal information without a…
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And Just Like That — Security+ Certified

Security+ In One Week For the security-minded, Security+ isn’t so hard Two days after passing my Network+ I managed to snag probably the best possible opportunity to further my career. A job with a flexible schedule, work remotely when necessary, resourceful coworkers who are open to questions, and access to a wide variety of enterprise…
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Breaking Into The IT Industry

Breaking Into The IT Industry   Everyone wants to hire people with experience, but no one will be the first to give it to you. It’s backwards, and it sucks. For years now I’ve been wanting a new job in the IT industry, but there was nowhere to start. I was stuck. I knew I…
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CompTIA Network+ Certified!

Passed My Network+ Exam Today Here’s How I Did It Honestly, in the end it wasn’t as hard as I expected. Going into my studies for this exam, I expected the worst. I read multiple articles indicating that network admins fail all the time, instructors for this exam openly proclaim its unfairness, and to go…
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For The Reading Readers

Well, I’m a bad blogger… It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not that I’m trying to stick to any routine. I just don’t write enough. So I’ve decided at the very least to poke in here every once in a while to share what I’ve been learning and the coolest items on my…
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Touch All The Bases

Let’s Round Some Bases Here’s the latest update to my skills and knowledge since my last post, and boy these have been fun! So far I’ve completed six college classes, 2 more to go before the semester ends and I am extremely satisfied with the spread of classes I took this year. On the side,…
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