And Just Like That — Security+ Certified

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And Just Like That — Security+ Certified

Security+ In One Week

For the security-minded, Security+ isn’t so hard

Two days after passing my Network+ I managed to snag probably the best possible opportunity to further my career. A job with a flexible schedule, work remotely when necessary, resourceful coworkers who are open to questions, and access to a wide variety of enterprise networking technology.

As I mentioned in my previous post, certifications really are a major key to getting into IT. Go for it.


So I recently I decided to turn my attention to my next certification. I settled in to the new job for the most part, I figured it was time. Printing out the objectives for Security+, I started to realize that majority of the material is stuff I had already picked up from keeping my ear to the ground on security issues. For those already security-minded, Security+ is easy.

I decided I would commit and schedule the exam for a couple weeks out and go for it. Well, after a day or two of barely touching the objectives, I figured I should get it scheduled before I forget. Surprise, the only available day for testing near me was either Thursday of the same week (and it was Sunday night) or all the way into the next week. I was anxious to get it done so I committed to Thursday morning before I went to work. Three days of study. I went back and forth, “what if I don’t pass?” “No, I feel like I have these down.” Over and over this happened.

Come testing day, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was prepared for. Still fearful that I didn’t pass, I received a score of 802/900.


1. Know your attack types (these I already knew well, but they came up a LOT).

2. Know your physical security, this came up way more than expected and I probably lost the most points here.

3. Know how to read logs, multiple log samples were given.

4. If you didn’t do well on Network+, make sure you brush up (especially on ports).



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