Breaking Into The IT Industry

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Breaking Into The IT Industry

Breaking Into The IT Industry


Everyone wants to hire people with experience, but no one will be the first to give it to you. It’s backwards, and it sucks. For years now I’ve been wanting a new job in the IT industry, but there was nowhere to start. I was stuck. I knew I had to start at the bottom and work my way up, but I was making just slightly too much money. Every desktop support job paid less than I was making working for the local county animal shelter, which was kind of sad.

I knew there were ways of getting around it. I read plenty of articles online that said “make your own IT experience,” some even advocated adding “fixed my grandma’s computer” as experience. Making your own experience makes sense though– taking on projects, helping others with their IT troubles. Even volunteering your time or job shadowing is a good idea. But I didn’t have time for a lot of these. I did, however, make this website in the process. Evidently that works.

But what do I believe really did it? Getting certified.

I took this summer off of school (it was originally booked) with the goal of becoming CompTIA Network+ certified and getting an IT job before I start school again. Two days ago I passed my Network+ exam, slapped it on my resume, applied to a few places, and today I was accepted for a Junior Systems Administrator position.

My write-up on personal tips to getting your Network+ is Here.

Honestly, at least from my own experience, this is your way in. Whatever you want to do, get certified in it. It validates the knowledge you have and quantifies your inner drive.

Get certified, get that job!

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