CompTIA Network+ Certified!

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CompTIA Network+ Certified!

Passed My Network+ Exam Today

Here’s How I Did It

Honestly, in the end it wasn’t as hard as I expected. Going into my studies for this exam, I expected the worst. I read multiple articles indicating that network admins fail all the time, instructors for this exam openly proclaim its unfairness, and to go in the first time expecting failure.

As always, I took that as a challenge. And I think that was my biggest advantage.

I had an allotted 3-ish months to study for this exam, and a lot of the real studying was done mostly at the beginning and the end. There were two mentalities that I think really helped me succeed today:

  1. I aimed to pass the exam with a perfect score. There wasn’t a single item on the exam objectives that I didn’t know. I took the test aiming for the highest possible score.
  2. I expected every question to be a trick question. Flag every question that you aren’t 100% certain about and come back at the end. You may see something that either changes your mind or reminds you of something you forgot. And if you really did memorize everything on the objectives (including all the acronyms in the back) ignore anything that you don’t know in the possible answers, it might be made up or unrelated to the question entirely. If you followed through with #1, trust your instincts.

Also, I did this with only ItProTV and internet searches as my resources. That should say something. If you’re already paying for the dang thing, don’t spend any more money on resources to study for it. You don’t need it.

Systematically study the objectives (which are FREE) and Google (or DuckDuckGo in my case) anything you don’t know, and read a good long article on everything– until you know it all.

  • Know all your ports, including the secure versions (which aren’t listed in the objectives).
  • Know the WiFi standards.
  • Know the fiber stuff.
  • Know the troubleshooting steps (lots of “what do you do FIRST?” questions)
  • Get a general idea of what everything is in the big dictionary in the back of the objectives, and know the acronyms for them.

Following all these steps, I achieved my Network+ without an IT job or any previous certification, FIRST try, with a passing score of 812/900.

It can be done. You got this.

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