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For The Reading Readers

Well, I’m a bad blogger…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not that I’m trying to stick to any routine. I just don’t write enough.

So I’ve decided at the very least to poke in here every once in a while to share what I’ve been learning and the coolest items on my mind.


Lately I’ve been studying for my Network+– that’s my current goal– but on the side I’ve actually found a great resource I’d like to share with you all. Well, really, I found it a long time ago. But only recently did I realize the true value it holds. I won’t share the link, but hop on Tor and check out the Imperial Library of Trantor.

This hidden service has a wealth of great cyber security books (and plenty of other categories) available for free, including my current read by Kevin Mitnick, “The Art of Invisibility.” They actually have all of his books available there– among these were numerous others whose names I’ve seen tossed around as essential reads for subjects like web application hacking and malware analysis.


Not too much to share at the moment, but I need to make this more of a habit and I figured that resource was worth sharing if anyone needs a good read. Enjoy!




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